Norman Shabel's Biography

    Crafted as a writer of legal mysteries for the past half-century, Norman Shabel writes every book as if it is the first and last book he will ever write.
    The characters in his books are earthy and alive, whether they are good or bad people. The reader can experience the trials and tribulations that those real characters are immersed in.
    Taking his enormous experience in almost every facet of our civil and criminal legal system, Shabel converts the explosive, present day topics of human misconduct into a simple, fascinating read.
    Commencing with his first book, God Know No Heroes, Shabel weaved a tapestry surrounding the murder of a rabbi’s wife in New Jersey. Andrew Napolitano, the Judge on FOX News Channel, wrote: “Norman Shabel has a masterful command of the interaction of cops, judges, and defense lawyers and he has presented that to us with an added dose of international intrigue in his compelling debut novel. I couldn’t put it down.”
    Shabel started to write when he first started to practice law as an Assistant County Prosecutor in New Jersey. From that very literary start, he has written nine novels, two to be released in the next few months (The Burning Gavel and Four Women).
    A graduate of Rutgers University Law School, he had vigorously pursued the rights of his clients on such major legal issues involving murder, fraud and national class actions representing thousands of ordinary people all over the United States.